GET LOCKSMITH – Commercial Services

We offer commercial services for both small and large businesses which include:

  • Lock Replacement – Interested in upgrading the security system of your business? Are the locks worn due to frequent use over time? Our specialists carry a wide variety of locks and will advise you on the best solution to suit your needs.
  • Lock Re-Key – If you have misplaced one of the keys, or have a former employee in possession of duplicate keys, replacing all the locks on your business may prove to be quite costly. Therefore, our specialists may alter the pins inside the lock to operate on a new key, making the old key useless, all the while providing you a fast and cost-effective solution.
  • Master Re-Key – This is a great solution for businesses that require many separate locks but also demand one “master” key for managers that may unlock them all. Hotels, apartment complexes, and large businesses with numerous interior doors use this service most frequent.
  • High-Security Locks – If you are interested in security that goes beyond the average lock and key, our specialists may advise you on various solutions ranging from bio-metric keypads to electronic access control systems.
  • Panic Bars – A highly effective solution during emergency situations for buildings with multiple exits, ensuring a quick and reliable evacuation.
  • Safe Installation – We may advise you on a vast selection of safes and offer installation services to suit all your requirements.

With years of experience, our team of professionals are here to assist in safeguarding your business in today’s world. We offer same day services, having a specialist promptly dispatched to your location, ensuring your business is back on track.

Call us today at (407) 456-8657 and speak with one of our representatives on how we may accommodate your business!


Uncompromising Commercial Solutions

Do you oversee a number of properties that require consistent service on their locks? Consider Get Locksmith as becoming your vendor and receive exclusive rates for all the services you require!