Commercial Safes

Safes are critical for businesses, whether it’s for daily cash drops or important documents.  These safes are sometimes the only element in an office that provide complete security and a hiding space from the eyes of everyone else in the office.

When choosing a safe for your business, here are some points to consider when making your choice:

For what will you be needing the safe?

Will you be storing documents, dropping cash, or protecting secure information?  There are different types of safes availables for your unique needs.

What size safe do you need?

Obviously the first consideration to the size of safe that you purchase is the amount of space you have in your office.  Secondly, be aware that the measurements given by safe companies include  the thickness of the walls in the safe, which decreases the amount of storage space within the safe itself. Lastly, as a rule of thumb, consider what you need to store in the safe at this point in time-and buy one size bigger. Chances are that pile of papers will multiply faster than you expect.

How will you install it?

Installation should always involve bolts that anchor it into the ground.  No matter how heavy a safe may be, if it is not securely fastened to the ground, or to a wall, its job is not complete. There are also safes that can be installed into the floor, as opposed to on the surface, for extra level of security.

Where will you install it?

Safes should also be placed in the most internal rooms or offices to prevent them from being easily accessible or visible to the general public.  This also begs the question, how much extra security do you have for that room?  Is there an alarm, or a keypad on the door handle?  How many people will see the safe on a regular day?

Who will open your commercial safe, and how will they do so?

Will only managers have access, or will security personnel be permitted to open the safe themselves?  This can affect which type of lock you choose, whether it be a key, a combination lock, a keypad (digital lock), or a combination of multiple locks for the best possible security.

No matter what kind of safe you buy, make sure it meets the UL standards for bring fire safe and burglary safe.  With the fire standards especially, you ensure you have a container that maintains the safety of its contents even if the outside is damaged or destroyed.