Lock Re-Key Service

When moving into a new house or business, it is important to verify that no other person is in possession of duplicate keys. The most effective way to prevent this, is by re-keying your existing locks.

This process involves removing the lock and changing the combinations of internal pins and levers so they function on a completely different key. This renders the old keys useless on the existing lock and saves you the time and expense of replacing all the locks on your property.

Our locksmiths are highly trained and efficient in ensuring the re-keying process is executed accurately, and to your specifications. This may be carried out on-site at your residence or by scheduling an appointment at our storefront location.

When you have an existing lock and simply wish to alter the key, call GET Locksmith at (317) 527-5625!

Frequently Asked Questions – Re-Key

Question: How long is the process to re-key a lock?
Answer:  On average, it takes about 15 minutes to re-key a lock cylinder. The time is dependent on the security level and condition of the lock as well.

Question:  What is a master re-key?
Answer:  A master re-key is when each lock or room in the building uses a separate key, in addition to having one separate “master” key that has capability of opening each and every lock. This system is used best in hotels, businesses, and residential complexes where the manager requires one key, while employees and customers use a variety of separate keys on the various locks.