Car Lockout Service

Every year, over four million Americans lock the keys in their vehicle, primarily as a result of key-less ignitions and increasingly sophisticated electronic anti-theft systems. Trying to unlock the vehicle yourself may cause damage to the door frame, window, rubber sealing, or scratch the paint job which will result in greater expenses. Our team of professionals, using exceptional tools and the finest training techniques, will unlock your vehicle swiftly and effectively without any damage. Many insurance companies may also compensate you for the service provided, depending on your policy.


If you need your vehicle unlocked, call Get Locksmith at (317) 527-5625 and speak with one of representatives to receive an affordable price over the phone!

Frequently Asked Questions – Car Lockouts

Question: Will there be any damage to my vehicle from Get Locksmith?
Answer: No, our highly-trained technicians can unlock your vehicle without any damage and they specialize in high-end models.

Question:  How can I avoid a car lockout in the future?
Answer: Make it a habit to always check that the keys are in your hands before closing the door behind you. It is also recommended having a spare key for your vehicle at home or with a trustworthy person who is easily accessible.

Question:  My keys are inside my trunk, can you still unlock my car?
Answer: Depending on the type of vehicle you have, we may unlock the door and either use the trunk release, or fold the rear seats to gain access to the trunk. If your vehicle is not compatible with either of these options, you may require a new key to be produced on-site. Whatever the case may be, our experienced locksmiths have seen it all!