Besides your standard entry door, you will most likely be required to have at least one additional emergency exit door.  Requirements for emergency doors are based both on the building codes in your city and the maximum occupancy of your building. Requirements for easy-open exit door locks came into effect around the beginning of the … Continued
From a the smallest mom-and-pop business to the largest department store, every company, office, or store needs locks of some sort.  The needs of businesses are different than residential needs, and therefore need to be addressed separately. Whether your company is looking for the best high-tech upgrade for secure locks, or simply outfitting a new … Continued
Key cards can be an advantageous addition to your business. The key card system grants specific access to employees at specific times of the day and to specific doors, therefore allowing you to control who and when is able to enter the building. A key card system is a plastic card which contains a digital … Continued
Safes are critical for businesses, whether it’s for daily cash drops or important documents.  These safes are sometimes the only element in an office that provide complete security and a hiding space from the eyes of everyone else in the office. When choosing a safe for your business, here are some points to consider when … Continued
In a commercial building, master keys can be very useful since there are usually many locks for the business. Between the outside door, bathrooms, various offices, storage spaces, and file rooms, a standard business owner can require many different keys. To make life easier, a master key system can be implemented which only requires one … Continued
Sliding doors add both a decorative and space-saving element to your home. Because these doors open sideways, they conserve space and are best installed in rooms that do not have the need for a regular door. Sliding doors made of glass, allow the natural light to easily enter your house without requiring a full door … Continued
It is more difficult to recommend changes for apartment locks as opposed to private home owners, because many apartment managers either require a certain type of lock or manage any lock changes themselves. However, for tenants and managers alike, there are certain suggestions that can be made: Security Measures For Tenants If you can change the … Continued
The first line of defense for your home is putting secure locks on the entry and exit doors of your house, as it should be.  However, those are not the only doors in your home. Whether or not those doors require simply door handles or locks, you have some alternatives. Let’s take a quick look … Continued
Garages are an essential part of a home and usually end up being the storage place for expensive items such as vehicles, tools, gardening supplies, and much more. Therefore, having a secure garage lock protects your home from invasion and theft. Manual garage door locks provide sufficient security and require much less maintenance than automatic … Continued
We all have many valuables throughout in our homes and offices. It is important to make sure that these valuables are stored safely and securely either in safe box or locked file cabinet. Both of these setups can be effective security measures, but if you’re not sure which one is right for you, here is … Continued