In the past decade, Google has been the ranked the top search engine used worldwide, whether you are searching for information, businesses, or services. Listing your business on Google is free and with a few easy steps, this may be accomplished entirely yourself. As a nationwide locksmith franchise, we will focus on how to add … Continued
We are happy to announce that we are opening a new location in Richmond this month! Because of the hot weather we are experiencing these days, we would like to remind our customers about kids and car safety.   Try to remember the phrase: “LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK”   A car, which is a popular … Continued
Recently, the technological behemoth Apple have been a target of a couple of lawsuits, both accusing Apple of letting people use their iPhones while driving in rather dangerous places, where extra attention is needed. One of these lawsuits was filed by Julio Ceja, who recently got involved in a car accident, caused by lack of … Continued
Have you ever wondered how advanced was technology in terms of security devices, back in the ancient times when the events described in Games of Thrones took place? Well, we have! As locksmith professionals, who constantly chase the newest technological developments in our sphere, while also being curious about the most ancient types of locks … Continued
City biking in the United States is still a relatively new phenomenon.  Most major US cities are not built to handle cars, bikes, and buses on the same road.  Those who do choose to bike to work are at a very high risk for accidents and bicycle thefts.  For example, while people riding bikes in … Continued
Picture this: You wake up every day at the same time. Your coffee pot is set to automatically fill so it is ready when you come into the kitchen.  As you leave the house, you set the smart lock with three different codes: one for yourself, one for your dog walker, and one for when … Continued
As a homeowner, security is a major concern, including the items you keep in your garage.  The security of a garage door can go beyond simply installing an automatic garage door.  Those are easy enough to lift up on their own. If you store a number of valuables in your garage, or just want to … Continued
It’s getting colder outside, and the holidays are approaching. It’s also the season where the homeowners are most likely to use their fireplaces.  Based on statistics from the Chimney Safety Institute of America, approximately 23,000 house fires were caused by fireplaces or chimneys in 2013. Fireplaces provide a  great gathering place for the family on … Continued
Installation of computer locks into your office can prevent the computer from being stolen or tampered with to remove parts for resale on the market. Because most offices use desktop computers, once these computers are unplugged and stolen, it is very difficult to locate them because there is no WiFi connection anymore. Two types of … Continued
There are many confidential and important documents in a successful business. In order to protect this paperwork from being stolen, replicated, lost or destroyed, consider installing desk and file cabinet locks in your office. Desk Locks Many employees leave important documents and items in their office desks. In order to secure these valuable items, installing … Continued