Welcome to Get Locksmith. We hope to offer you excellence in locksmith services for many years to come. Though our business is new, our founders have extensive experience in the locksmith industry and the know-how to offer great service at fair prices.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide the best possible locksmith service, by consistently offering a high quality service experience, at the fairest prices.

The following is what Get Locksmith stands for:

When you call us, we will always route the nearest available technician directly to you, and on the fastest possible route!

Our local locksmith technicians will avoid high-density traffic areas during rush hours and even receive updates of real-time roadblocks, shortcuts and valuable back routes.

With our specialized dispatching software, you’ll know that the technician will arrive on time, exactly when promised.

Get Locksmith representatives are always spread out throughout the state. We are proudly offering a fast local emergency response that no other locksmith company can match!

How can we offer such a fantastic rapid response in all weather conditions?

We always make sure that enough specialists are employed in order to avoid getting overbooked.

Security is an area where there is no room for compromises or amateur approaches.

We are well aware of the fact that our technicians are responsible for the safety of each customer who decides to use our services.

This is the reason why we are very selective when it comes to our employees.

Each and every Get Locksmith technician is a carefully selected specialist, who has a lot of experience and is able to use the most advanced equipment.

On top of that, we also choose our phone dispatchers very carefully.

They don’t only know how to answer calls, write down information, and book appointments – you can also consult with them on any of your security-related questions.

At Get Locksmith, we only employ local technicians to serve our customers. It’s important that when you need a technician, we will have one nearby to serve you.

Trust is a very important value at Get Locksmith. We’ve worked so hard to build it into the company that it is a part of our DNA!

When hiring and bringing in new technicians it is much easier to establish and promote this trust through hiring locally.

In addition to obvious benefits to supporting the local community, hiring local locksmiths allows us to get an honest assessment of our applicants.

It lets us gain thoughtful input from local references to help make sure that only the most trustworthy locksmiths work with us.

Every Get Locksmith technician must also provide a yearly criminal background check, but a local reference goes a long way as well.

We’ve worked hard to create a local locksmith service that we are proud to stand behind.

With Get Locksmith, you can be certain that your happiness with our service is one of our top priorities.

Providing you with exceptional locksmith services is what we do best, and we want you to feel safe and secure with what we offer.

If you are not satisfied with any of the parts or labor that you have received from us, we will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy.

It’s so important for us that it’s worth repeating. We promise to always offer fair and transparent rates.

As a customer, you will pay exactly what you are quoted, based on an established flat fee.

  • No Hidden Costs
  • No Additional Charges
  • No Service Fees

Just clear, honest prices every single time.

Exactly what you should expect from a professional locksmith.

We at Get Locksmith are committed to improving the local communities in which we operate. We believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back to the neighborhood where they work.

It’s big part of what makes us human and we believe it’s valuable for you to know, that when you use Get Locksmith services, you will also be giving back locally.

Whether it be volunteering in a local community garden, sponsoring a youth sports team, or collaborating with local charity/initiative, we are always looking for opportunities to give back.

If you are interested in working with us in our Community-For-Good partnership program, please feel free to contact us with your proposal.

It’s a great pleasure for us to partner with other companies in an effort to make that world a little bit better. We’re always interested to hear new ideas on how we can help grow healthy and thriving communities throughout America!

Get Locksmith was built to emphasize honesty, integrity, and great service for all our clients. We look forward to serving you.

If you are interested in becoming a Get Locksmith Franchise Owner, please contact us or click here to learn more.